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The Zurich Fire Policy protects the company by guaranteeing compensation in case of fire or potentially damaging natural events such as floods, earthquakes, air trumpets. This product is particularly suitable for those who own production facilities, commercial companies, offices or warehouses, and any property at risk of fire.
The Fire Policy is suitable for your business if you are looking for:
Fire protectionThe insurance policy ensures adequate coverage of all corporate company structures and assets against damage caused by flames or natural events that may cause damage.A modular and customizable productYou can build the most suitable solution to your business needs by choosing additional covers to add to the base cover.Concrete support for economic managementIn conjunction with the fire policy, you can take out the indirect damages policy, which reimburses the loss of profit your company incurs as a result of a policy event.Advice and risk preventionThe policy can be associated with risk prevention and risk management, delivered by engineers from the Risk Management team with high experience in industrial security.
The main covers covered by the Fire Policy are:
FireLightningExplosion and explosion not caused by explosive ordnanceAirplane crashSmoke, gas, vapors and consequential damageFailures to insured things by authority orderDemolition and clearing costsDeliberately or seriously guilty of the people whose insured has to comply according to lawIn addition to the basic formula, the policy provides some warranty extensions:
Disastrous natural eventsEarthquakeFlood, floods, floodsOverloaded with snowHailstormSpecial eventsAtmospheric eventsSocio-political events, vandalism (including the use of explosive ordnance)Conducted waterI hit road vehiclesFormula 'All Risk Property'
This is an innovative subscription formula listing the policy not the risks covered but the ones excluded from hedging. All insured will be reimbursed for all damages except those for reasons listed in the policy.
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